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Enjoy a hassle-free night's sleep In yulara or boulia. You choose the view.

A Yulara or Boulia TJM Roof Top Tent is always there –where you are.

And they're ready for a comfy night's sleep in just minutes.

You’ll be nestled snugly on the 65mm built in high density foam mattress with a great view of the surroundings.

Your roof top accommodation will not only get you off the ground, it will also get you away from those annoying leaves, sticks, sand and nocturnal creepy crawlies that can ruin a good night’s repose.

You’ll also be sleeping secure as all TJM Roof Top Tents and Awnings are made from durable lightweight, waterproof poly cotton material, which with fully screened doors and windows, allow you to get the fresh open air you’ve come all the way to enjoy.

There’s a built in sturdy aluminium ladder that takes you to ground level in a jiffy, where you can relax over a damper and billy of tea in the shade of an optional TJM Awning.

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