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Shock Absorber
Battery Management Systems-DBS

Modern computerised vehicles require the use of state-of-the-art, dual battery management systems with electronic voltage sensing isolators to ensure adequate protection of the vehicles electrical systems.

  • Automatic systems that link batteries for charging and isolate batteries for discharging.
  • Easy installation - no alterations to vehicles wiring.
  • The ability to use "Start" & "Deep Cycle" Batteries together.
  • Monitoring voltage of both "Start" & "Auxiliary" batteries.
  • Priority charging to the "Start" battery.
  • Spike voltage protection to EFI and automotive computer systems.
  • The ability to be installed to an extensive range of vehicles with varying alternator output.
  • Suitable for continuous load applications such as car refrigerators or radios.

  • Under bonnet Control Unit
  • Basic LED Status Display
  • Manual Override Switch
  • Starts On Main Battery
  • Manual Override Switch
  • 200amp Nagares Relay
  • Spike Protection
  • Maintenance Free
  • Installation Kit Included
  • Swiss Made Quality & Technology
  • 5 Year Australia Wide Warranty
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