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TJM Recovery Kits


For the avid beach goer... the TJM Snatch-Um-Kit is ideal. Included in the carry bag is:

  • TJM 8,000kg Snatch-Um-Strap
  • 2x 16mm Bow Shackles
  • Heavy Duty Leather Gloves
  • Handy Carry Bag

  • LARGE Recovery Kit

    8,000kg snatch strap
    4,000kg winch extension strap
    8,000kg tree trunk protector
    8,000kg snatch block
    19mm bow shackles x2
    Heavy duty leather gloves
    Recovery blanket.

    TJM Large Canvas Bag. The bag is made of a durable canvas with thick woven canvas carry handles, reinforced nylon cornering along with a heavy duty zipper. This bag has enough room for almost all the recovery equipment you could need.

    HEAVY DUTY Recovery Kit

    11,000kg snatch strap 75mm x 9m.
    6,000kg winch extension strap.
    10,000kg tree trunk protector 75mm x 3m.
    8,000kg snatch block.
    19mm bow shackles x2.
    16mm bow shackles x2.
    Heavy duty leather gloves.
    Recovery blanket.

    TJM Heavy Duty Canvas Bag. The bag is incredibly strong and can be opened up fl at exposes all the easy to access compartments. Sturdy canvas straps with metal strap locks keeps all the heavy stuff packed securely away.

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