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Battery Management Systems-Red Centa

While driving the Red Centa unit automatically links both batteries for charging. When the engine is turned off the batteries are separated and power for your accessories is supplied from the auxiliary battery without the risk of discharging the starter battery.

  • Can be fitted to any vehicle or boat with a 12V DC system regardless of engine type or alternator size.
  • Simple to install. Only three wires to connect. No need to find power from ignition switch or to interfere with existing electrical wiring.
  • Automatic priority circuitry ensures charging of main battery first.
  • Accidental reversal of polarity of either battery may case damage to connected equipment , but will not harm the controller. The controller will not operate until correct polarity is restored.
  • Electronic current sensing eliminates the need for external fuses or circuit breakers for protection.
  • Voltage spike protection circuitry included.
  • Auxiliary battery automatically disconnects if main battery drops below 12.7V.
  • Made in Australia.
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