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Whether you’re heading out for the weekend or a few months, the TJM roof rack range is a great solution to make your journey more comfortable and safe by placing bulky items up on the roof and out of the way. Engineered for functionality – the TJM Steel and Alloy range of roof racks will provide the ultimate storage solution for your vehicle.

These fully welded, tried and proven TJM Roof Racks are available in steel or aluminium to suit a wide range of vehicles. The full length support rails are contoured to distribute load evenly over the length of the roof gutter and are attached with TJM’s positive 2-way stainless steel clamping system with protective straps for protection of the vehicles paintwork.

TJM Steel roof racks, after phosphate washing, are finished in a durable black powdercoat, while the light weight, corrosion free TJM Aluminium roof racks are finished in black onyx pearl powdercoat. You also have the options for a mesh floor which gives your equipment even more security whilst travelling. Our wind deflector accessory is also available to minimise noise when travelling at high speeds.

So before your next trip – contact your nearest TJM store for specific product information for your vehicle.

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